Nirvana -《With The Lights Out》[4Disc’s BoxSet][FLAC+DVDISO]


最近又把这家伙的箱底翻了出来。仔细研究一下歌词,你就知道这家伙为什么经久不衰~ 专辑英文名: With The Lights Out歌手: Nirvana音乐风格: 摇滚版本: [4Disc’s BoxSet][FLAC+DVDISO]发行时间: 2004年11月22日地区: 美国语言: 英语这是让全球 Nirvana 歌迷期待已久的 Box Set,这套作品集一共有4张光盘,3CD+1DVD,里面总共收录81首歌曲,在这些歌曲中,有61首是未曾发表过的作品,其中以他们排练、剪辑掉的片段、Kurt Corban 在家里完成 Demo 带为主。DVD中则收录了该乐队在自己家中拍摄的影片、生活剪影、采排的片段等等,共20个片段。另外,除了唱片之外,在这套唱片盒当中还附有一本有关 Nirvana 的小册子,厚达60页,由 Sonic Youth 的前任主唱 Thurston Moore 所撰写,Thurston Moore 是 Kurt Cobain 生前的亲密好友兼知音。作品封面包装是不锈钢板,极为精致。
至于这套 Box Set 的标题《With The Lights Out》,其实是从他们的畅销单曲 Smells Like Teen Spirit 中截选出来的。
此次 Geffen 发行官方版 Box Set,意在试图阻止多年来《Outcesticide》系列的流行,很长时间里,《Outcesticide》在地下乐迷中广泛流行。其中大量珍贵的作品选自此系列。该系列是由 Blue Moon Records 非官方出品,一共出版5集。Outcesticide 一词来源于涅槃1992年的专辑《Incesticide》。


专辑曲目DISC 1
01. Heartbreaker -Live,1987(first Nirvana show)*
02. Anorexorcist -Radio Performance,1987*
03. White Lace And Strange -Radio Performance,1987*
04. Help Me I’m Hungry -Radio Performance,1987*
05. Mrs. Butterworth -Rehearsal recording,1988*
06. If You Must -Demo,1988*
07. Pen Cap Chew -Demo,1988*
08. Downer -Live,1988*
09. Floyd The Barber -Live,1988*
10. Raunchola/Moby Dick -Live,1988*
11. Beans -Solo acoustic,undated*
12. Don’t Want It All -Solo acoustic,undated*
13. Clean Up Before She Comes -Solo acoustic,undated*
14. Polly -Solo acoustic,1988*
15. About A Girl -Solo acoustic,1988*
16. Blandest -Demo,1988*
17. Dive -Demo,1988*
18. They Hung Him On A Cross -Demo,1989*
19. Grey Goose -Demo,1989*
20. Ain’t It A Shame -Demo,1989*
21. Token Eastern Song -Demo,1989*
22. Even In His Youth -Demo,1989*
23. Polly -Demo,1989*
01. Opinion -Solo acoustic,1990*
02. Lithium -Solo acoustic,1990*
03. Been A Son -Solo acoustic,1990*
04. Sliver -Solo acoustic,1989*
05. Where Did You Sleep Last Night -Solo acoustic,1989*
06. Pay To Play -Demo,1990
07. Here She Comes Now -Demo,1990
08. Drain You -Demo,1989*
09. Aneurysm -Demo,1990
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit -Rehearsal demo,1991*
11. Breed -Rough mix,1991*
12. Verse Chorus Verse -Outtake,1991*
13. Old Age -Outtake,1991*
14. Endless, Nameless -Radio appearance,1991*
15. Dumb -Radio appearance,1991*
16. D-7 -Radio appearance,1990*
17. Oh The Guilt -B-side,1992
18. Curmudgeon -B-side,1992
19. Return Of The Rat -Outtake,1992
20. Smells Like Teen Spirit -Butch Vig Mix-Recorded May,1991
01. Rape Me -Solo acoustic,1992*
02. Rape Me -demo,1992*
03. Scentless Apprentice -Rehearsal demo,1992*
04. Heart Shaped Box -Demo,1993*
05. I Hate Myself And I Want To Die -B-side,1993
06. Milk It -Demo,1993*
07. M.V. -Demo,1993*
08. Gallons Of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip -B-side,1993
09. The Other Improv -Demo,1993*
10. Serve The Servants -Solo acoustic,1993*
11. Very Ape -Solo acoustic,1993*
12. Pennyroyal Tea -Solo acoustic,1993*
13. Marigold -B-side,1993
14. Sappy(Retitled “Verse Chorus Verse” for release) -B-side,1993*
15. Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam -Rehearsal demo,1994*
16. Do Re Mi -Solo acoustic,1994*
17. You Know You’re Right -Solo acoustic,1994*
18. All Apologies -Solo acoustic,undated*
01. Love Buzz
02. Scoff
03. About A Girl
04. Big Long Now
05. Immigrant Song
06. Spank Thru
07. Hairspray Queen
08. School
09. Mr. Moustache -Tacks 1-9 filmed at a 1988 rehearsal in Krist’s mother’s house(Aberdeen,Washington)*
10. Big Cheese -Filmed June 23,1989 at Rhino Records(Los Angeles,California)*
11. In Bloom -Sub Pop Video
12. Sappy -Filmed February 16,1990 at Bogarts(Long Beach,California)*
13. School -Filmed September 22,1990 at The Motor Sports International Garage(Seattle,Washington)*
14. Love Buzz -Filmed October 11,1990 at The North Shore Surf Club(Seattle,Washington)*
15. Pennyroyal Tea
16. Smells Like Teen Spirit
17. Territorial Pissings -Tracks 15-17 filmed April 17,1991 at The OK Hotel(Seattle,Washington)*
18. Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam -Filmed October 31,1991 at The Paramount Theatre(Seattle,Washington)*
19. Talk To Me -Filmed October 4,1992 at The Crocodile Cafe(Seattle,Washington)*
20. Seasons In The Sun -Filmed January,1993 at BMG Ariola Studios(Rio de Jeneiro,Brazil)*
* : Denotes previously unreleased recordings

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