Installing VMware Tools in Fedora Core 5

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Installing VMware Tools in Fedora Core 5

# Install software called by VMware Tools
yum install gcc

# Install kernel header files
yum install kernel-devel

# Check it matches the running kernel
uname -r             # running kernel
rpm -q kernel-devel  # installed kernel headers
# It the two versions do not match, run
yum -y upgrade kernel kernel-devel
# then reboot (but only if they did not match).

# Find out where the kernel headers are
echo /usr/src/kernels/$(uname -r)-$(uname -p)/include
# You need this later.

# If you already have VMwareTools-5.5.1-19175.tar.gz on disk, SKIP THIS STEP!
# Download VMware-workstation-5.5.1-19175.tar.gz from
# Extract the VMware Tools iso from it
tar --strip-components=3 -zxvf VMware-workstation-5.5.1-19175.tar.gz 
# Create a temporary mount point
mkdir /mnt/vmtools-temp
# Mount the image
mount -o loop linux.iso /mnt/vmtools-temp
# Copy VMware Tools from the mount
cp /mnt/vmtools-temp/VMwareTools-5.5.1-19175.tar.gz /tmp/
# Unmount the image and tidy up
umount /mnt/vmtools-temp
rmdir /mnt/vmtools-temp
rm linux.iso

# Unpack VMware Tools to a temporary directory
cd /tmp/
tar zxvf VMwareTools-5.5.1-19175.tar.gz
cd /tmp/vmware-tools-distrib/
# Do you want to run no

# Backup
cp /usr/bin/ /usr/bin/

# Patch VMware Tools
cd /tmp/
tar zxvf vmware-tools-any-update2.tar.gz
cd vmware-tools-any-update2/
# Do you want to run yes

# Link to the VMware mouse driver
ln -s /usr/lib/vmware-tools/configurator/XOrg/6.8.x/vmmouse_drv.o /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input/

# Change xorg mouse
vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf
Change "mouse" to "vmmouse" in Section "InputDevice"

# Restart X
# (press ctrl+alt+backspace)


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